Metabolic Testing

The way you breathe offers the most panoramic view of your body.  It reveals how every system critical to the way your body functions, including your cells, lungs, heart and blood circulation, is working and which systems may be limiting your ideal level of function.  Breath analysis (aka VO2max testing or metabolic testing) is the most accurate way of pinpointing where you need to focus your nutrition and workout plan that will improve the way your body systems work in concert with one another to bring you closer to your ideal level of function.

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Metabolic Testing


Using metabolic testing to measure the volume of carbon dioxide and oxygen you exhale we can calculate the exact number of calories you burn at rest, or your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).  In addition, we are able to pin-point within those calories you would burn if you laid in bed all day the percentage of calories that are from fat and from carbohydrates to determine your cellular efficiency as well as how to determine your nutritional macronutrient balance.  We then compare that to others your age, sex and weight to see if your total calorie utilization is below, at or above average.  

Who can use this test :

  • Anyone wanting to understand how many calories they burn in a day to help develop a safe and effective dialy caloric goal
  • Those who want to develop a macronutrient distribution for their nutrition plan that is based on actual individualized hard data, instead of estimated calculations
  • Individuals who have plateaued on their fat loss or muscle gain goals – or even those that are having trouble with body composition maintenance 

Metabolic Testing


Utilizing the same metabolic testing technology as above, we are able to do an active cardiovascular fitness test to help you precisely define your optimal heart rate workout zones and limitations in your training.

Who can use this test:

  • If no medical contraindications to max heart rate exercise, than anyone who is wanting to train efficiently using your own individualized body data – working SMARTER not HARDER.
  • Endurance athletes trying to increase their performance by knowing exactly which heart rate zones to spend their time in
  • Fat loss as a goal – know what heart rate is maximum effective for your body to utilize fat as its primary fuel 



RMR = $125/test (~30 minutes). 

  • 1st test FREE for Integrative Wellness Plan Members, subsequent tests discounted $15/test for members.

CPET/FITNESS with SPIROMETRY = $175/test (~30 minutes). 

  • Integrative Wellness Plan Members receive $25/test discount.

COMBINED RMR + CPET w/SPIROMETRY = $270 (~60 minutes). 

  • Integrative Wellness Plan Members receive $30/combined test discount on subsequent tests.  

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